Project H2O

આખરે લોહીના ગુણ તો આવેજ ને!! યાશ્વીએ લગભગ મહિના પહેલા તેની સ્કુલના એક પ્રોજેક્ટના ભાગ રુપે પોતાની કલ્પનાથી એક વાર્તા લખી હતી.. તે પણ સાયન્સ ફિક્શન પર…. 👍👍

તેની જાણ આજે તેની સ્કુલ ફાઇલનુ બેકઅપ ઘરના લેપટોપ પર લેવાનુ તેણે કહ્યુ ત્યારે થઇ… 👍👍❤️

પહેલા તો લાગ્યુ કે તેણે ક્યાંક વાંચેલુ હશે તે યાદ રાખીને થોડા સુધારા વધારા સાથે લખી નાખ્યુ હશે…

પણ તેની તે સ્ટોરીને સ્કુલબોર્ડ પર સ્થાન મળ્યાનુ જાણ્યુ અને અમુક અમુક પોઇન્ટ ગુગલ પર સર્ચ કરવા ગયો ત્યારે ખાતરી થઇ ગઇ કે એમ તો મારી દિકરી ને મારી જેમ જ કોપિ પેસ્ટ કે ઉઠાંતરી કરવાનુ સહેજેય ગમતુ નથી… હા, તેને આ આઇડીયા H2O નામની બુક પરથી મળ્યો તેવુ તેણે જણાવ્યુ… We proud of you Yaashvi 👍👍❤️❤️

Project H2O

By Yaashvi Raval

“On a stormy night, in a small town in Idaho, all the kids of the sophomore class were having a end-of-the-school year party. Then all of a sudden it started raining and at the same exact time the T.V. and the loudspeakers turned on. The screen repeated itself and the loudspeakers outside said the same thing over and over again, IT’S IN THE RAIN, DON’T GO OUTSIDE, STAY IN YOUR HOMES, THE RAIN HAS TOXINS. You could hear people screaming and begging other people to let them into their houses.

Two of the kids Andrew and Ruby, were the only two who knew how to find a cure against the rain, but they didn’t know it yet. The consequence of getting touched by the rain was dying. Somehow, both Ruby and Andrew knew what to do. It felt like they were made for this. As instinct kicked in all the kids started panicking, most were either hyperventilating or screaming. Parents looked scared but they tried not to show it as they helped calm the kids down. Suddenly a girl screamed out that there was no internet connection or Wi-Fi. Then chaos broke out, it was mostly just the girls screaming and crying about there being no Instagram or Snapchat, and wondering how they were going to know what was happening in the world.

Andrew had the urge to step outside into the rain, but one of the parents stopped him. When no one was looking he quietly stepped outside. He quickly realized that he was immune to the rain, and when he stepped back inside he discovered that he was completely dry. The same thing happened with Ruby. It was like the water slid right off them.

A van drove up into the covered driveway and two people emerged. They knocked on the door and asked for Andrew and Ruby, took them to the back of the van, and told them not to ask any

questions. As minutes turned into hours Ruby and Andrew grew restless and started to ask questions. The men told them again to not ask questions.

When they finally arrived they realized that they weren’t in Idaho anymore. Their final destination was a old factory that was now used as a military facility. The men came and got Andrew and Ruby and dragged them into the facility. As they stepped inside the lights almost blinded them. When their eyes got adjusted to the light, the first thing they saw was a scree flashing the words: PROJECT H2o. Men and women wearing white lab coats were bustling around holding clipboards and testing water levels. To Ruby and Andrew this all seemed familiar, like they had been there before.

A woman with long brown hair greeted them, and surprisingly she knew their names. She lead them into a room where she explained everything. They learned that they were the very first test subjects for Project H2o and that the toxic rain was created by them because they had to cut down the population to make more people like them, who were immortal. They found out that there was no cure for the rain. The test subjects were the only ones who could survive.

The rain never stopped and only 17 percent of the population remained. Project H2o’s plan succeeded. Soon all of Idaho was filled with people who were immortal. Ever since then Project H2o has tried to do the same with the rest of the world.”

Written on 15th May 2017

Posted on 15th May 2018

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